Motorised Projector Lift Systems

PPL1035350mm drop, max 10Kg 490mm x 490mm includes ceiling finishing kit.R28090.00
PPL1070700mm drop, max 10Kg 490mm x 490mm includes ceiling finishing kit.R30220.00
PPL11801800mm drop, max 30Kg 560mm x 560mm includes ceiling finishing kit.R66920.00
PPL12802800mm drop, max 100Kg 560mm x 560mm optional ceiling finishing kit.R92190.00

Projector Mount Solutions

PPC1500Small/Medium projector ceiling support max 15Kg turn and tiltR1660.00
PPC1540Height Adjustable 400-550mm max 15Kg turn and tilt functionR2450.00
PPC1555Height Adjustable 550-850mm max 15Kg turn and tilt functionR2770.00
PPC1585Height Adjustable 850-1350mm max 15Kg turn and tilt functionR3380.00
PPC13003m projector solution cut to sizeR4030.00
PPC2500Medium/Large projector ceiling support max 25Kg turn and tiltR2450.00
PPC2540height adjustable 400-500mm max 25Kg turn and tiltR4090.00
PPC2555height adjustable 550-850mm max 25Kg turn and tiltR4410.00
PPC2585height adjustable 850-1350mm max 25Kg turn and tiltR4990.00
PPC23003m projector solution cut to size max 25Kg turn and tiltR4820.00