• Home automation on Wall keypad control

    Accessing your home’s automation could not be easier

  • Control any service you wish

    There is no limit to what can be controlled in your home.

  • Control on the move

    Control your home from anywhere in the world or with a mobile device.

  • Media Control

    Control all your media from anywhere in your home with the touch of a button.

Home Automation Videos


iPad Control

Hager Demo

Lighting Control

Custom-tailored home automation system allows you to change the mood of any area of your home to suit the occasion.  Whether watching TV, dining or entertaining, one press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere you desire.  For example, press ‘Goodnight’ to turn all your lights off or ‘Pathway’ to light the way downstairs.  Smart lighting control also contributes to a safe environment by linking with your home security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected.

Motorised Window Treatments

With motorized curtains and blind you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors.  Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, provides UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork, and provides the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep with the simple press of a button.

Home Automation Technology

Systems for music, video, lights, climate and security have become more intelligent enabling you to easily operate them from a smart phone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel.  Effortlessly listen to your favorite music from any area of the home with a single button press or set the lights and shades to create ambiance for entertaining in your open concept kitchen and living area.  With a Elas Africa home Automation solution, you can view surveillance cameras, unlock the door if your child forgets the key, or set the temperature from your mobile device while at home or away.  Smart home automation technology adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. It’s pretty cool too! Solutions available for new construction and existing homes.

Centralised Distribution

Centralized distribution allows for complete control and connectivity of your home technology for every room, every application and every budget.  The power of total integrated control and seamless connectivity all manifest from one centralized hub.  Your home’s beauty is enhanced with less wall clutter and equipment spread throughout.  System expansion is easy; every room and each smart device is simply another node on the network which is the backbone of the home automation system from Elas Africa.

Media Control

Enjoy the media content in your home from any location with the simple press of one button.  Your Home Automation System gives you simple access to your favorite shows, movies and music regardless if the content is satellite, stored on a server, or streamed from the internet.  If you want to watch live sports, view a recorded drama, listen to a news radio station, or rock to a playlist on your iPhone®, you and your family can effortlessly select to watch or listen on devices in your home and even outdoors when entertaining or relaxing.  Let us create the perfect home audio video control solution to meet your needs.  It’s time to ditch the stack of remote controls.

Pool Spa Control

An automated pool or spa system provides added convenience and enjoyment whether it’s your primary or second residence.  No more running outside to see if the pool is the right temperature.  You can turn on the heater or the cleaner as you drive home so your pool or spa is ready for you to take a dip after work or after the long journey to get to your vacation home.  Maintenance is easier and equipment life is extended with preset programming for pumps, cleaners, lighting, waterfalls, temperature and monitoring.  Operate water features including fountains and waterfalls from the same control interface or have them intelligently programmed to suit your lifestyle.